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Printing Companies Should Work Down To The Ground.
- Sep 02, 2017 -

Printing companies,work down to the ground! Be cautious to do internet transition and cross-border Robbery.

Today,more and more traditional industries from automobile,basic material to food and beverage,garment etc.are deeply caught in an anxiety.
Their channels, shops in a little bit of annihilation, manpower, material costs are rising day by day, all the things seems to prove their anxiety is right.


In the face of possible death, entrepreneurs are actively taking treatment measures to motivate employees to give customers money, took the agent to join the business to eat and drink, but these old methods seem to suddenly failed, the enterprise still did not improve.

Face the dilemma
Blind + internet

At this time, most of them racked their brains for solutions, the results is that we all find the same way - the Internet.Almost all the persons are  talking about the magic of the Internet; the Internet seems to have become the last straw for saving life, our printing industry has been involved,too.

 "Internet +"has become the hottest topic we are talking now,more and more enterprises are ready to transform to the Internet business,even a aggressive preparation for cross-border demolition of other industries, change the world.Huge money have been spent on the internet to struggle for a break through.However,can I ask a simple questions: how many page views have you got form the internet?
Do not work
Leading to perish

But, the above actions are practical ones. The worse situation is that so many companies are chase for cross-border outrageous robbery.Some companies who are doing well on printing ran to engage in real estate, thinking about the real estate needs to support the huge amount of money, the results caused the capital chain break, and finally ushered in only the collapse.
I believe that there are many Indian business owners doing printing at the same time, will engage in some sideline, more importantly, the sideline industry as the main business to do. Do not see other industries to make money to blindly follow the trend Some companies do not consider their own capacity and the actual situation of the market, blindly follow the other enterprises, others invest in what they blindly follow the trend, it is not desirable.

图片.pngIn fact, over the years, a variety of printing business failures, mostly because of blind investment, blind introduction of equipment, to the field of investment mistakes, blind expansion, leading to funding strand breaks, how much is really because of the trend of the Internet crash.

The way out
substantial construction

Face so many bad situations,how can we work out this dilemma.

The following are what Yiwu Shine Packaging Co.,Limited doing now:

1.Strength the management from every detailed procedures range from the

Material purchasing to the products packaging.Make complete records and analysis in fixed times

2.Consult from the best workers their working experience and make the standards.And then ask all the workers copy.

3.Train the workers constantly.

4.Making all the products eco-friendly and do the certificates needed.