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What Shall We Do When Loading The Containers
- Aug 24, 2017 -

What shall we do when loading the containers

Loading the goods to the container is commonly the last responsibility of the supplier based on FOB.

However,we must operate strictly step by step in order to guarantee that the goods are shipped correct and in time.Followed is the common practice of Yiwu Shine Packaging Co., Limited:

1. Prepare and sort out the goods to be shipped.

图片.png 图片.png

2. When the container arrives, ask the driver for seal (prevent children getting it and do not open before the seal of the container) and packing list,fill in the data and take photos of them for record:

3. Take clear photos from side and bottom of the containers to confirm whether the containers are correct:


4. Take clear photos of the container information panel to ensure it is new enough:

5. Open the container to check whether the container is clean, whether there is damage, large deformation and prominent nails etc. And then clean it and take pictures (enter the container, close the door to see if there are leakage).If the container has a serious problem,we will ask the agent change it by a good one. 

6. Take photos at the beginning, in the middle of ,at the end of the loading and before the door are closed.


7. Take photos after the container been sealed.

8. In the process of loading,there are PQCs counting and recording the quantity of the cartons. Before the container leaving,we will make certain  whether we have asked a copy of the packing list from the driver.