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The Most Serious Environmental Renovation On Printing And Packaging Industry !
- Aug 26, 2017 -

The most serious environmental renovation on printing and packaging industry in the history.

Close factory, Shut down workroom,Increases prices! Last 4 months!

A new round of environmental crisis began,it is the most serious, longest and strongest one in China.It is not only a big challenge, but also a good opportunity. During this period,Yiwu Shine Packaging Co.,Limited finished the upgrading of the management and environmental protection structure.


The Ministry of Environmental Protection recently informed that the all the enterprises which can not meet the standard on environment protection will be closed before the end of September. The State Administration of Work Safety Administration also announced that the safety inspection will carry out from July to October.


All the printing and packaging plant from all around China will be checked carefully and strictly. No one can be spared! At this time the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the General Administration of Industry and Administration of the People's Republic of China carry on a no tolerance policy on this move.


From the very begining of 2017,the letters on prices increases comes one after another,which had been never stopped. Since July, especially the half of August,most of packaging and printing factory has been shut down during this storm! The storm will not stop until Sep 14th , the influence will maintain four months or even more longer. Every enterprise have to be careful,careful, and careful ... ... 


Environmental pollution is a companion in the process of industrialization. With industrialization, environmental governance is also a long and painful process.We understand this action and treat it positive.During the sweep of the environmental storm, we spare no effort to meet the requirements of our country, upgrade the equipment for air and water purification. So much troubles in this course, so much goods had been delayed. However,the great news is that we have succeed to get environmental protection certificate yesterday .At the same time, we realize clearly there are still huge jobs for us to do, Yiwu Shine packaging company will continue to forge ahead.