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How To Ensure The Quality Of Paper Bag Printing By Control Printing Process
- Aug 23, 2017 -

How to ensure the quality of paper bag printing by control printing process

Fine craftsmanship and skilled operation are very important for paper bag printing, which deeply affects the quality of paper bag printing.Followed is how Yiwu Shine Packaging PQCs and technicians control the printing process range from pigment,connecting material and the drying time.

1.The size of the pigment particles and their degree of dispersion


Although the role of the ink film capillary is an important factor in the formation of print gloss, but the dispersion of the apparent size of the pigment particles is more important, it directly determines the state of the ink film capillary. Therefore, the pigment particles small, good dispersion, is conducive to the formation of smooth ink film, for the increase in paper bag printing gloss is also very favorable.

2. Viscosity and pigment content of the connecting material


According to the interface chemistry, the capillary permeation rate is inversely related to the viscosity of the liquid, that is, the permeation rate decreases with increasing viscosity. The formation of a capillary network between the pigment pigments is an important aspect of determining the gloss of the printed matter. At the moment of imprinting, the ink is pressed into the larger pores of the paper as a whole; after the embossing, the connecting material begins to separate from the ink and into the smaller pores of the paper. Therefore, the size of the ink film capillary determines the amount of separation material. The effect of capillary retention of the connecting material is much greater than that of printing pressure to press the connecting material into the paper pores.

3.Drying time


The rapid drying of the ink film on the paper can reduce the amount of pores in the paper, so as to improve the gloss and smoothness of the ink film. The high gloss of the ink film means that the surface of the mirror reflection is relatively high, so that the human eye in most cases can see the surface of the white light reflection than the low gloss less ink film, making the color saturation high. So the high gloss of the print looks more vivid colors, full. Spot ink printing ink is mostly translucent or opaque, in the choice of ink formulations should also take into account the actual situation of the ink layer of light transmission on the impact of spot color printing.

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