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Hard Nonwovens And Software Nonwovens
- Jun 30, 2017 -

Nonwovens can have a variety of fabrics, a new material, a common material, a peritoneal material and so on. From the sense of speaking, in fact, is the difference between soft and hard, the Wenzhou Mai Tian to compare the hard material and soft material is good or bad.

Wenzhou local non-woven fabrics, the market is more rigid material, in fact, the fabric to be soft or hard in the production process through the control of temperature to achieve. The high temperature produced by the material is relatively soft, on the contrary will be more hard.

Soft material feel very soft, close to the real knitted fabric, fabric toughness is good, strong pull, not easy to tear, but the fabric after the soft feel will be relatively thin. After the fabric is hard to do the same weight of the fabric feel more material to be thicker, many bad manufacturers to use this to cut corners. As non-woven fabrics are also produced by the plastic particles, if too hard on the pull is obviously not, very prone to fracture of the situation.

Therefore, customers in the custom-made non-woven bags when the first to their own requirements to locate, if you look at the appearance and feel, then do hard fabric. If you pay more attention to non-woven bags of the load-bearing and pull the general choice of soft materials, which will be more secure.