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Open Window Self-styled White Kraft Paper Bag

This white kraft paper bag has a stand-up design and is suitable for sale in stores or at home.The sealing method is a tear and self-sealing zipper, suitable for storing cereals, seasonings, candy, tea and snacks.The zipper lock is convenient for sealing the bag on the left side of the goods, you can repeat the zipper bag.

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Product Details

1.Product Details

  • In stock

  • White kraft paper bag

2.Product Description

  • This white kraft paper bag has a vertical design and is suitable for sale in shops or at home. It is suitable for storing jujube, tea, nuts, rice, wolfberry and so on.

3.Product Specification

  • Country of origin:China

  • Color:Brown

  • Product Size:9*14+3CM,10*15+4CM,12*20+4CM(OEM)

  • Use:Package

  • Feature:With Window

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