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Kraft Paper Self-sealing Bag

Our kraft paper bag is suitable for foods, coffee, nuts, candy and other foods. The internal aluminum plating can prevent moisture, moisture, and long-term storage of food.Zipper lock bags are easy to seal and recycle, and they can be tamper-proofed with a heat sealer.

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Product Details

1.Product Details

  • In stock


  • Kraft paper zipper lock bag self food snack bag

  • Moisture proof, stand up, re-sealable, can be used over and over again

2.Product Description

  • Our kraft paper bags are suitable for food, coffee, nuts, candy and other foods. Internal aluminum plating prevents moisture, moisture and long-term storage of food.

  • Zipper lock bags are easy to seal and recycle and can be tamper-proofed with a heat sealer. Our products stand like boxes and are easier to store.

  • Our Kraft bags are made from safe and environmentally friendly materials. In order to reduce the damage to the earth, we protect our homeland. It is still harmless to our bodies and enables us to enjoy food safely.

  • Under the kraft paper bag, we designed a transparent location like a window, which enabled us to distinguish between good and bad food without opening the bag.

  • The most important thing is that our products are cheap and of high quality. Welcome your order.

3.Product Specification

Material: kraft paper, Aluminum foil

Bag size+Sealing size:9*14+3CM,11*18.5+3CM,15*21+4CM(OEM)


Application:Snack food packaging

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