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The value of environmental protection bags
- Jun 30, 2017 -

"Plastic" since the public gradually develop the habit of carrying environmental bags shopping. Part of the business look at this opportunity, move the green shopping bag "brains" - printed on the green bag advertising. Yesterday, the reporter in the city a number of supermarkets to see the big supermarket, customers mostly use their own recyclable bag, and almost all the bags have been printed on a variety of advertising - the name of a supermarket , Signs, there are other business brand, and some even on the bag address, the phone is printed out in detail. According to the use of environmental protection bags of the public, because the bag is "limited plastic" on the eve of the supermarket and shopping malls free of charge, so for the above printed ads also accepted. As the shopping bag every day to use, so there will be no more than the above, but hope that shopping bags can be done pretty, strong point.