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Good knowledge of environmental protection bags
- Jun 30, 2017 -

Now, many people are beginning to pay attention to environmental protection, which has a close relationship with the relevant promotional activities, everyone in the behavior has also begun to have a certain binding. In such a background, non-woven bags, bags become people's daily necessities. However, even so, many people do not understand the green bag, then let us thoroughly understand what.

Materials, environmental protection bags are cotton, there are non-woven, non-woven bags factory in the current high share of enterprises, so non-woven materials made of environmentally friendly bags to be more large number. Environmental protection is the point of its ability to degrade the material, the national standard of environmentally friendly processing materials are polyethylene, because its degradation is relative to other materials is better, and non-woven bag factory production of bags, in this regard does not have the advantage The

In the modeling style, environmental bags and diverse styles, to meet the different needs. Three-dimensional bags, flat bags, folding bags, etc. These bags are very common. If the pattern points, there are net color bags, color bags, heat transfer bags, embroidery bags and other types of environmental protection. By size classification, there are standard green bags, mini bags, large green bags three.

In addition, the proper preservation, can make the environmental protection bag more longevity. The specific approach is to put the green bag in the dry, to avoid the sunshine of the place, is strictly prohibited contact with corrosive substances.

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