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Eco bags are available in different styles to meet different needs
- Jun 30, 2017 -

According to the type of classification: three-dimensional environmental protection bags, flat bags (common thickness bags without environmental protection), the end of the organ environmental protection bags (that is, the bottom of the thickness, the thickness of the green bags), complex (film) , Vest bags, folding bags (purse bags), rope rope bags, hand rope bags

According to the pattern classification: net color (plain) green bags, color bags, heat transfer bags, Offset bags, embroidery bags, silk screen environmental protection bags (the most common color printing bags)

By size classification: standard size green bags, mini bags, large bags,

According to special requirements classification: customized bags, environmental protection bags, silver side environmental protection bags, green shopping bags.

According to different age levels, green bags can be divided into the following: cartoon-type green bags for some children, simple type of environmentally friendly bags for simple friends, and DIY bags are suitable for some like the design of friends, Of the environmental protection bag is suitable for some customers with his products supporting the sale, in order to achieve the benefits of publicity.