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Color-coated non-woven bags compared with other bags, it has a greater advantage
- Jun 30, 2017 -

First, non-woven shopping bags more solid

The traditional plastic bag shopping bag, in order to save the cost so raw materials thin, easy to break. But if it is to make him more solid, must be more cost. Non-woven shopping bags have dealt with all the problems, non-woven shopping bags, strong resistance, easy to wear. There are many coated non-woven shopping bags, but also has a strong, the more waterproof, feel good, beautiful appearance a bit. Although a single cost of plastic bags up a little more, but its service life of a non-woven shopping bags can reach hundreds, and even thousands of tens of thousands of plastic bags.

Second, non-woven shopping bags more to promote the advertising effect

A beautiful non-woven shopping bag, not just a commodity bag. Its exquisite appearance is more put it down, can be transformed into a stylish simple shoulder bag, a beautiful street scenery. Coupled with its solid, waterproof, non-stick characteristics of the customer will become the top of the selection, in such a non-woven shopping bags, you can print your company's mark or advertising, the advertising effect is obvious , The real small investment into a big return.

Third, non-woven shopping bags more environmentally friendly public value

The promulgation of the plastic seal order is to deal with environmental issues. The use of non-woven bags, greatly reducing the pressure of waste conversion. Coupled with the concept of environmental protection, but also the performance of your business image, and the effect of the people. And then bring the potential value is not money can be replaced.