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Build a green environment
- Jun 30, 2017 -

With the white pollution more and more serious, advocate green voice around the more and more loud. In a long time ago the invention of plastic bags so excited, they do not know how this invention will bring the current environment harm. But over time, people found that those who make it easy to praise the easy to use plastic bags but no natural degradation, but also to the environment has brought great harm, although this time to know the lack of plastic bags, but can not stop people Use plastic bags. But the environment is constantly deteriorating, so that some environmentally conscious people to abandon the use of plastic bags or try to avoid the use of plastic bags, resulting in the production of environmentally friendly bags of the concept.

Environmental protection bags, as the name suggests is not harmful to the environment of the bag, can be naturally degraded. Because the white pollution to the environment a huge hidden dangers, more and more people began to use environmentally friendly bags. White pollution has been further controlled. But although people because of environmental pollution, and began to use environmentally friendly bags, but the green bag or can not replace the convenience of plastic bags, you want to completely away from the plastic bag really can not be achieved overnight.