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With advanced and complete machinery system,high automation production and people oriented management,we have been the first choice of top quality offset printing enterprise in Yiwu. And this also enable us to get our job done more professional,more efficient and more economic than our competitors.

  • Kraft Film Bubble Envelope Bag

    Kraft Film Bubble Envelope Bag

    Our bubble bag is made of environmentally friendly and high-quality kraft paper. The kraft paper is thickened, and the new bubble film is used to prevent...

  • Alloy Creative Tasseled Woman Earrings

    Alloy Creative Tasseled Woman Earrings

    This earring consists of two parts, the upper is a high density zinc alloy, the texture and luster makes the earrings more beautiful. The middle of the ring...

  • Alloy Red Line Tassel Earrings

    Alloy Red Line Tassel Earrings

    This is a creative line ear exaggerated fashion earrings,tassels long retro earring temperament simple earrings.This fringed earring features beautiful...

  • Gold-plated Tasseled Gold Earrings

    Gold-plated Tasseled Gold Earrings

    Our jewelry is made of genuine gold plated and protected by colour retention. The earrings are hook shaped. Each earring is equipped with two pearls, giving...

  • Clover Drop Tassel Earrings

    Clover Drop Tassel Earrings

    Austrian crystal clover clover earrings, our products use gold plating, and after Bao color processing, this point we save more than a few other...

  • Simple Tassel Earrings

    Simple Tassel Earrings

    Simple Tassel Earrings--Europe and the United States fashion brand simple original design handmade ear ear ear earrings. This earring uses a simple, loose...



Yiwu Shine Packaging Co., Limited is a leader in custom printing and packaging products in Yiwu. Since we founded paper box factory in 1998 and with great efforts,we have now integrated design,printing,production,sales and after sale services.This enables us to offer you one-stop solutions on packaging ,which have covered paper bags, paper boxes, non-woven bags, plastic bags&boxes etc.

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